4:00 pm16:00

Impact Bazaar - New York, NY

  • Impact Hub

I'll be speaking about Lovably and Weekly Meal at Impact Bazaar on Thursday, November 5th. The talk will mostly be about self-editing your work and knowing when your project is unnecessary.

Impact Bazaar is a physical marketplace where "innovators" and entrepreneurs can access & offer resources to accelerate their ideas.

8:00 pm20:00

The Living Room - Brooklyn, NY

  • The Living Room

I'll be playing an acoustic set at the always empty 'The Living Room' in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Living Room
134 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

September 5, 2015
8pm - 9pm

Things to bring:
Yourself, limbs and such included
Friends and loved ones of your choice, 21-years-old or older
Onion goggles

Assorted tunes from Claye, Readers & Reporters, and (maybe) While the Ducks will be played. Feel free to send song requests to @dylanseeger on the Twitters.

Hope to see you there!